Vitamin D Deficiency and Early Implant Failure​: What Every Clinician Should Know

Vitamin D Deficiency and Early Implant Failure

First appeared in print edition of Dentistry Today | April 1, 2020 | Volume 39 No. 4 | pg. 72-29 Introduction Dental implants are generally considered a safe and highly predictable surgical procedure performed by many clinicians with the aim of replacing missing teeth. Yet, to this day, a number of implants placed in adequate […]

Vitamin D Deficiency: Impact on wound healing and implant failure


First published online at Perio-Implant Advisory | February 3, 2020 Dr. Scott Froum explains how vitamin D deficiency can adversely affect wound healing after dental surgery and alter implant success rates. He advises about adequate levels of the vitamin and discusses its importance to periodontal health. Vitamin D in its inactive form (vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol) […]


April 1, 2020 | Volume 39 No. 4