Effects of early vitamin D deficiency rickets on bone and dental health, growth and immunity

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with adverse health outcomes, including impaired bone growth, gingival inflammation and increased risk for autoimmune disease, but the relationship between vitamin D deficiency rickets in childhood and long-term health has not been studied.

Vitamin D deficiency in Early Implant Failure: Two Case Reports

An association between vitamin D deficiency and early dental implant failure is not properly verified, but its role in osteoimmunology is discussed. This article illustrates two case reports with vitamin D deficiency and early implant failure. Prior to implant placement, the first patient received crestal bone grafting with autologous material. Both patients received dental implants from different manufacturers in the molar region of the mandible. In the case of bone grafting in the first patient, all implants were placed in a two-stage procedure. All implants had to be removed within 15 days after implant placement. Vitamin D serum levels were measured: Both patients showed a vitamin D deficiency (serum vitamin D level <20 μg/l). After vitamin D supplementation, implant placement was successful in both patients. Prospective, randomized clinical trials must follow to affirm the relationship between vitamin D deficiency, osteoimmunology, and early implant failure.

The Biological Activities of Vitamin D and Its Receptor in Relation to Calcium and Bone Homeostasis, Cancer, Immune and Cardiovascular Systems, Skin Biology, and Oral Health

Vitamin D plays an important role in calcium homeostasis and bone metabolism, with the capacity to modulate innate and adaptive immune function, cardiovascular function, and proliferation and differentiation of both normal and malignant keratinocytes.

Effects of Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency on Oral Health

Vitamins and minerals are vital for our overall health therefore from a holistic dentistry perspective they would be important for oral health as well. However, their effect on oral health goes beyond the general benefits they have for a healthy lifestyle. Lack of certain vitamins and minerals can cause adverse dental issues discussed in greater details below.

Vitamin D Deficiency and Dental Health

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Vitamins are an essential part of our health as humans. They are the the fuel that keeps our bodies functioning at peak levels. To keep the utmost oral and overall health every vitamin counts. At this Jacksonville, Florida dental office we do our best to teach our patients how important their vitamins are to their oral health.

3 Vitamin Deficiencies that Affect Tooth and Gum Health

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When many people think about how their diet affects their teeth, they only consider whether the food they eat contains substances known to cause tooth decay. However, the foods you eat can also affect your teeth and gums from the inside out. When you do not eat enough foods that contain certain nutrients important for teeth or gum health, these vitamin deficiencies can damage your oral health.