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DentaMedica® is a comprehensive dental recovery support program to promote the body’s healing process prior to and after surgery. The 6-week supply of vitamin and mineral dietary supplement provides key nutritional supplements designed to enhance antioxidant and vitamin levels.

Vitamin D Test Kit

Test4D - Vitamin D Test Kit

Test4D Complete Kit – Test your vitamin D Levels.

The all-inclusive kit comes with a Test4D-CQTM cube reader along with all necessary reagents to analyze 25 patients.



DentaMedica Patient Brochure

DentaMedica Patient brochure. Pack of 100

Vitamin D Test Strips

A convenient strip refill package to analyze 25 patients.

  • The refill package contains:
  • 25 Test4D individually packed test devices in foil pouches
  • Buffer Vial containing Chase Buffer (5.5 mL) with stabilizers and thimerosal
  • Package Insert

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Vitamin D For Bones

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with up to a 300% increase in dental implant failure rate while also increasing dental-related complications. DentaMedica® is designed to boost bone-related support nutrients to optimal levels prior to dental surgery.

Why Antioxidants?

Antioxidants have remarkable benefits and valuable properties for the maintenance of periodontal health, bone physiology and soft tissue wound healing.




DentaMedica® – The science behind dental healing

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